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Privacy Policy:

Data Manager:
Spansommer S.L.
Kaj Verner Bach Knudsen
Calle Pablo Neruda 48
03184 Torrevieja (Alicante)
CIF No.: ESB54344577
E-mail: and
Tel: +34 648 132 151 or +45 22 59 67 66

Purpose: Spansommer S.L. collects information about you in the following cases:

When visiting our websites, we collect information about your IP address and cookies as described in our cookie policy. Read more in our cookie policy below.
If you are a customer, we collect and process contact information and other information that is necessary for a trade or sale to be completed.
If you are a collaborator, we treat contact information, information about our trade with the company you represent, as well as information that is also necessary to manage our business relationship.

Personal information:
Personal information covers all information that can be used to identify a person, including but not limited to his / her first and last name, age, gender, passport information, home address or other physical address, email address or other contact information, regardless of whether they relate to their private residence or workplace.

What personal information do we collect and process?
If you buy or sell a property through Spansommer S.L., we need some personal information to complete the transaction and, moreover, be helpful at all stages of the purchase or sale.

Spansommer S.L. collect and process personal information about you when you:
Sign up for our news email
Want a purchase offer or sales offer on a property
Uses our website
As a supplier / partner, that wish to trade with Spansommer S.L.

If you subscribe to e-mail newsletter from Spansommer S.L. On our website, we collect your name and e-mail address to be able to send you our newsletter. Similarly, we use collected email addresses for relevant remarketing campaigns with third party services like Google Adwords, Facebook, and the like. You may at any time opt out of receiving additional newsletters from Spansommer S.L. In each newsletter, at the bottom of the newsletter there is a link where you can choose to opt out of receiving additional newsletters.

Spansommer S.L. uses the company Campaign Monitor for collection, behavioral analysis, and storage of this data. Privacy Policy for Campaign Monitor is accepted by signing up for the email and appearing on the Campaign Monitor’s Privacy Policy website, which can be found here: campaignmonitor privacy policy

Offer, housing purchase or sale of housing:
Spansommer S.L. collects information that is necessary to accommodate and complete the preparation of an offer, sale or purchase of a property. This applies to name, address, email address, passport information etc.

Who do we pass personal information to?:
We disclose the personal information necessary for a purchase or sale to be carried out to Lawyers, Financial Institutions, and Banks that will assist in the execution of your purchase or sale of property through us.
The disclosure will only take place to the extent and to whom it is necessary to pass on in order to complete the purchase or sale that you request.

Deleting Personal Information:
Personal data received from collaborators or in connection with a purchase or sale will be deleted within 5 years of the sale or purchase, unless you, in writing, request a longer period.
You can always contact us and find out what information we are processing about you, you can correct incorrect information or request that the information shall be deleted.

Organizational safeguards:
Processing of personal data is only carried out by Owner Kaj Verner Bach Knudsen. The electronically registered information is stored on the server at the office in Spain, with active virus scanners installed for running automatic virus check, etc.
A backup and restore procedure has been established for the server.

At there are links to other websites on the internet. These websites may have a different personal data policy than Spansommer S.L.
Spansommer S.L. is not responsible for personal data policy on websites other than our own.

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