Safe buying in Spain

Inspection trip

Once you have booked an inspection trip, I ask you to fill in a customer profile in which you tell me what you are interested in seeing. I will then either by Telephone or per. email, give you some information about buying houses in Spain. I will then organize the inspection trip based on the information I have received from you.

I will like to help you arrange everything in connection with the inspection trip:

– air transport to and from Spain
– all transport in Spain
– accommodation at the hotel as well as all meals and beverages

Below you can read how an inspection trip can take place:

I inform you about which airport to fly from and what time to meet. I pick you up at the airport in Alicante and drive you to your hotel. After a rest, we start our tour. Depending on when you arrive, we will see what we will do the first day, but we always find time to get a good dinner at a nice local restaurant when you arrive.

I pick you up every morning at 10.00 am after your breakfast. Then we start the tour, we will start with sightseeing in the area. Then I drive you to various areas where we see the different houses, show houses and the quality of the houses. In the show house we will see what is available in the different areas.

Around 2.00 pm all show houses closes for siesta. We will then have lunch at a restaurant in the area. During lunch we have time to talk about the various building projects we have seen in the morning and I answer any question you may have.

After lunch, we will continue the tour to the next show house. We keep a good pace and take time and see as many as we can achieve. Then we go back to the hotel so you get the chance to rest a little before I pick you up for dinner.

We will have dinner at one of Torrevieja’ s cozy restaurants. I know that many questions arise about what we’ve seen during the day and it’s a perfect time to go through these while we’re relaxing in the evening. The next day is going to be more or less a copy of the day before. But in the afternoon it is possible to see the houses you already have seen again, since there are always things you want to refresh. We have dinner in the evening at a nice restaurant. In the afternoon we will arrange the formal if you have decided to buy. Any contract is signed with the developer. It is then the lawyer who takes over and about one week later, you will receive all relevant information per. mail from the lawyer. She ensures that she is always in control of what is happening and you are always welcome to ask her if you have any questions during the process.

Next day, you will be ready for your return trip and I will drive you to the airport.

Whether you have bought something or not, I hope you have had a good experience.

I look forward to arranging an inspection trip for you.