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Events for our customers

We arrange various events for our customers. As we are very close to some good and popular wine districts, we regularly arrange trips to some of the most beautiful and best wineries. We are surrounded by the vine districts: Jumilla, Bulla, Yecla, Pinos and Alicante.

A new tradition has become our autumn’s winter trip. It spans 3 days and goes into the country. We start at the heart of the world famous wine district Ribero Del Duero. The tour starts with a visit to Aranda Del Duero, the city where wine production was initially underground in miles of tunnels under the city. Today, many of the tunnels are closed, but there are still some of them open for visits and as today are museums for ancient wine production. Just underground in one of these museums starts our trip.

Bodegas Isila de Lagar also started its wine production underground in Aranda Del Duero. Although today’s production has moved over to a small town called La Vid, the bodega has retained the old production site and transformed the old bodega into a very nice and famous restaurant. We start with a tour of the tunnels under the restaurant and we end the trip underground to taste a young wine. Then we have a dinner in the restaurant, where 6 wines are paired with the food. In the next 2 days we visit different vineyards and stay in hotels that are adjacent to the vineyards. As the different vineyards use different production methods, it is fun to judge the different wines and see if we can agree on which vineyard we mean using the best production method.

It is also in the wine district Ribero Del Duero, the world-famous Danish wine producer Peter Sisseck has his vineyard, in the small town of Quintanilla de OnĂ©simo, Peter Sisseck’s vineyard Dominio de Pingus produces some of the world’s most expensive wines. Pingus and Flor de Pingus are world famous and are produced on the Tempranillo grape. Today, Peter Sisseck is involved in the production of many different wines and he is diligently used by other wineries as a consultant in their production. Special, that a man who comes from a country without any wine production today is a role model for incredible many Spanish wine makers and wineries.

Tours to vineyards are only one of the events we arrange for our customers, but we also arrange Christmas lunches on the beach if weather permits, as is usually the case. Tapas tours in Torrevieja, etc.

However, it is the wine tours we arrange most of the year round.