Safe buying in Spain

Susanne and Ole Bruun tell:

We bought a two-bedroom apartment in Oasis Beach, El Raso, through Kaj Verner Bach Knudsen and DK til Spanien in November 2016 and took over in June 2017.

In 2016 we decided to realize the dream of owning a home in Spain. We contacted various real estate agents in Spain to hear about offers and possibilities. When we contacted Kaj Verner, we were in no doubt that he was the very right person who could help us realize the dream. Kaj Verner was very quick to send us homes that matched our wishes and budget. We went to Spain in November 2016 and got a presentation of several homes together with Kaj Verner. Kaj Verner had swiftly spotted that golf, nature and beach were our area of interest, and in connection with the showing of homes, he had devoted time to show us the most beautiful natural and golf areas. Together with Kaj Verner, we quickly found the right home and we bought it in November 2016 before returning to Denmark.

Kaj Verner is extremely professional, a lovely person and has been a great help throughout the process. For Kaj Verner, the process does not stop when he sells the home. He was there all the time until we in June 2017 moved into our newly built apartment. Kaj Verner has helped with everything, the purchase of furniture, white goods, awnings and all the other stuff when you have to decorate a new home. And, in addition he also helped with all the practical stuff as bank, notary, insurance and other formalities that shall be in place when buying a home in Spain.

Kaj Verner estimated that we could get better furniture and white goods by purchasing it ourselves rather than a set home package. Kaj Verner has been an invaluable help with the buying of furniture, appliances etc. When we arrived in the apartment this June, we were welcomed by Kaj Verner, who had arranged to get the furniture in the house. In addition, Kaj Verner himself had fitted appliances. The next day, Kaj Verner met again with the toolbox and mounted a bookcase and lamps were mounted also. What a service. Kaj Verner is a very unusual person, whom we can only recommend most. Before you have tried to buy through Kaj Verner, you do not know how extensive a service he provides and how much a help he is when the dream is realized .

We can recommend anyone who wishes to buy home in Spain, let Kaj Verner and DK til Spanien guide you through the whole process.

Susanne and Ole Bruun, Horsens, Denmark

Martina and Hans Mohrdieck tell:

We bought the dream property through Kaj Verner and DK til spanien in July 2016 and took over in February 2017.

We had long dreamed of being homeowner in Spain, that´s why we contacted Kaj Verner, whom our neighbors had warmly recommended because they also had bought home in Spain via DK til Spanien. After a little communication about our wishes, priorities and budget, we were welcomed in Spain on an inspection trip to look at various properties.

Ever since we met Kaj Verner the first time, we were not in doubt that we were in safe and professional hands. After seeing various properties, we decided to buy an apartment in a project, and we signed before we went back to Denmark. We also enjoyed Kaj Verner’s many contacts, and he even took time to drive around to various furniture stores etc. When we arrived in Denmark again, we were pleased to note that Kaj Verner is a man who keeps what he promises. He took care of all the practical things with the building company, referred us to a Danish lawyer in the area, coordinated furniture shopping and delivery, shopping and installation of white goods, etc. We took over the apartment in February and again we got Kaj Verner’s help to all from installing internet, buying different things for the apartment, and even putting together some of our furniture and putting shelves on the wall. A fantastic all-round service. For us, he has been an invaluable help throughout the process..

We would like to recommend everybody who wants to buy a home in Spain to deal with Kaj Verner.

Martina and Hans Mohrdieck, Aabenraa, Denmark

Pia Tønning Nielsen and Palle Smedegaard Christensen tell:

We bought a villa through Kaj Verner and Dk til Spanienin April 2016 and took over July 2016.

We had been recommended Kaj Verner as a Real Estate Agent, In January 2016 he visited us in Denmark. It was a meeting we have never regretted. We had previously been in contact with two other Real Estate Agents, but we felt immediately trust and comfort in Kaj Verner, that had been missing from the others we had been in contact with. Therefore, it was very easy for us to choose Kaj Verner as our future partner for the housing hunt in Spain.

All the practicalities in connection with our inspection trip in April (flight, hotel accommodation and transport) Kaj Verner arranged. We just met at the agreed time in the airport and when we landed in Spain. He picked us up in the Airport and drove us around to the different show houses. We chose to buy a lovely new built villa in Villamartin, which we took over in July 2016. The whole process of lawyer, bank and all the other stuff related to the buying and take over, Kaj Verner handled. Our experience with buying in Spain can only be described as having felt that we were in very safe hands. Kaj Verner’s helpfulness and patience are in a class by itself, and he has been an invaluable help regarding interior design, etc. There is no “problem” that he cannot solve. When it comes to getting the right size bedding, cushions in the right colors, or going to the shops to take pictures of furniture that you might be interested in, Kaj Verner is on the spot – and if anything happens in the house while we are in Denmark, Kaj Verner will fix it. We can only warmly recommend this sweet person to help with your home purchase. You will not regret it.

Pia Tønning Nielsen and Palle Smedegaard Christensen, Struer, Denmark


Dorte and Torben Nielsen tell:

We bought a penthouse apartment through Kaj Verner and Dk til Spanien in July 2015 and took over May 2016.

A dream came true !!!!

With help from Dk til Spanien our dream of buying an apartment in Spain became a success. We can only recommend that you contact Dk til Spanien if you plan to buy an apartment in Spain, without Kaj Verner´s help, it could not be a reality for us. Kaj Verner have helped us through everything, from when we were searching to find What suits our family, the building process and, not least, the take over and the cooperation with the lawyer who has taken care of all the paperwork. Kaj Verner have also been helpful after we have taken over the apartment, with everything from moving in to good advice of the area.

Dorte and Torben Nielsen, Hjerm, Denmark


Susanne and Flemming Blenstrup tell:

We bought a penthouse apartment through Kaj Verner in July 2014 and signed the deed July 2016.

In 2014 we were looking for an apartment in Spain and was therefore in contact with Kaj Verner. Kaj Verner took us around to various projects over two days, and we got besides showings of many homes also a thorough insight into the area. When we were finished with the presentation, we decided to buy an apartment, and we signed before we went back to Denmark.

We had heard from others that Kaj Verner had been a great help following, which to us sounded odd, as this is not usual when you buy in Denmark, but it should prove to be correct. During the construction phase, we have been in contact with him to hear about news and when we finally in the summer of 2016 was ready to move in, he has helped with everything from orders with furniture companies, agreements with various craftsmen to help installing various things in the apartment. Kaj Verner has not only been a great man in the process, he has also been completely indispensable. We can only give him our warmest recommendations if you are thinking of buying property in this lovely area.

Susanne and Flemming Blenstrup, Jægerspris, Denmark


Hanne Thordal and Bent Agerholm Hansen tell:

We bought a top floor apartment through Kaj Verner in September 2015.

We would strongly recommend Kaj Verner Knudsen for those who are planning to buy property in Spain. From the first visit, you feel at ease and in professional hands. But when you take over your property Kaj Verner ia also ready with all his help and kindness. He don´t leave his clients before everything is in place. And with everything we mean all the trouble and problems, you as a new homeowner in Spain necessarily run into. For us it has been an invaluable help.

Hanne and Bent Hansen, Krusaa, Denmark


Lis Wonsyld and Torben Nielsen tell:

We bought a Quad house through Kaj Verner and Dk til Spanien in January 2013.

Ever since we meet Kaj Verner – and experienced his amazing helpfulness and professionalism – we felt completely safe by leaving all the practicalities in connection with the house purchase for him and Pia, the Danish lawyer.

The whole process has been characterized by mutual trust, and we highly recommend dealing with Kaj Verner and Dk til Spanien.

Lis Wonsyld and Torben Nielsen, Hilleroed, Denmark