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New built properties
Here you can see some examples of the building projects I have for sale. Building projects in Spain are sold very quickly. Therefore, there is always new projects coming on the marked. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that all the properties shown on the website are available. However, I always try to keep the website updated with the latest projects, but I always have a lot more than I can show on the website. If you do not find what you’re looking for please contact me anyway, because I will, for sure, find something that suits you.
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I choose my building companies carefully. I am agent for the best building companies from Alicante in the north to Cartagena in the south. I have all kinds of homes new as used. In addition, you can draw your own dream home and get it build exactly according to your wishes.

Resale properties
There are many resale properties on the market. I do not have so many resale properties here on the website. It’s a rugged market and there is a lot of replacement, as of course many sell. If you are looking for a resale property, you can just send me your wishes. I have access to a large catalog of resale properties, so I will definitely be able to find the one you are looking for. Just send me an e-mail at with your wishes and I’ll find your dream home.
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Fractional ownership
Fractional ownership is an interesting possibility.

The concept
I take a property and split it into 2 to a maximum of 6 ownerships. Each ownership is then entitled to use their ownership time as they like. If it is 6 ownerships, each of them have the user rights for 8 weeks per Year.

6 families buy 1 ownership each, the property costs for example 240.000 € incl. Trading costs, furniture and fittings and has an operating cost of 1.800 € per year for everything except water and electricity. If you have purchased 1 ownership and you now have the user rights for 8 weeks each year, your purchase price will only be 40.000 € and your operating expenses will only be 300 € per year. But it is still a property worth a value of 240.000 €. With this concept, many more people will be able to buy a property in Spain and whatever happens, you are always 6 families to share the expenses.