Safe buying in Spain

It's all about trust!

Buying a property in Spain differs in significant conditions from home purchases in other countries. It is important, together with the right advisers, whom you should trust, to find the right home, in the right area, at the right price.

A large number of technical and legal issues in the home purchase differ from what you are accustomed to from your country. That’s why I’m on your side throughout the whole process.

Before and during the purchase process, there are some things you must have arranged and something else you have to decide on, such as loans, NIE number etc.
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New or Resale?
There is a little difference in whether you are buying a new build or a property that has already had one or more owners.

New build are often sold off-plan, which means that you buy your property on the basis of architectural drawings and models, either while the construction is on or even before it starts.
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Spanish or your language?
All documents are of course in Spanish and in some cases with English translation, so unless you speak Spanish well, it is necessary to have one you trust in the whole procedure. I can help you with all aspects of the home purchase, the legal aspects I leave to Danilservice (Pia Danielsen). She secures your legal interests.
Read more in the section: The purchase procedure

What you have been waiting for since the purchase decision, are now a reality. Also in this phase I will be available and help you as much as you need. First and foremost, I go with you to both the bank (where we have to set up a bank account for you), Danilservice (who deals with all legal aspects) and to the Notary where the deed is to be signed and the balance has to be paid. Next, it is all the practical stuff when the key is handed over. If it is a new construction, the entire property must be decorated. I can help with the purchase of furniture, appliances, air conditioning, awnings, garden facilities, etc. but also if you want to buy a shelf for the bathroom or a kitchen hook. “Where do I buy this?”.